Wolfe Manor (Clovis Sanatarium) - Clovis, CA

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Investigated: Dec 19, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

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Wolfe Manor, also known as Clovis Sanitarium and Andleberry Estate, is currently owned by Todd Wolfe and is planned on becoming a haunted hotel (Wolfe Manor Hotel). While it was a sanitarium, it housed as many as 150 patients at a time, with many (in the thousands) dying while there. It is believed that it is these patients that still reside there in spirit form today. Many were said to be mistreated and living in poor conditions due to over-crowding and being short-staffed. Most of the original building is removed and now an empty lot behind the manor.

Personal Experiences

While we attended this as a Beyond Reality Event with TAPS, we were still able to go around and investigate each floor as time permitted. We also got to be with the TAPS investigators there (Amy, Britt, and Andy) and got to witness some of their new communication techniques (such as an induction amplifier tied to speakers). We were fortunate enough to get some alone time on the first floor and close ourselves in one of the haunted bedrooms to do some EMF readings and EVP work. Some possible EVP responses were captured at this time. As part of the event, we got to listen to some great EVPs captured while we were there and there is no doubt that this place is home to many spirits -- many of which are quite aware of what is going on and willing to communicate with us.


"Why? What're you gonna do?"
A possible response we got after asking for another spirit's name.

We were in the pantry and talking about it when this was captured

Rob or Pa
Might possibly be a name, but is too faint.