Best of GhostGirls

Most Active Investigation

Fremont Private Residence.

This investigation was the best interactive and constant activity we experienced so far. We had a long K2 session and was able to determine the root problem behind the haunting. Throughout the night, noises were heard in the kitchen from cabinets opening and closing on their own. We all heard disembodied voices, as well as growling sounds (also caught on audio). The EVPs captured from here were just as exciting and strong. There were multiple presences there, one being a very dark, male figure that could actually be following around the apartment by the body's natural senses. Although this was a relatively small location, it was full of activity the entire time!

Most EVP Activity

Santa Cruz Residence.

There is a tie for most evidence collected from a location. The first is a Santa Cruz residence. While we were there, we didn't have any activity other than some high EMF fluctuations in the bedroom. However, after we started analyzing the audio, it turned out that the entire recording was nothing but EVPs. We're not talking a few EVPs, but from the moment the recorder was turned on to when it was turned off, nothing but spirits talking to each other. It's as if we were watching a scene from a hundred years ago. But when we entered the room to do an EVP session, the spirits clearly and directly interacted with us and responded to our questions. The analysis of the audio took over a month because every second had to be reviewed over and over to distinguish between the multiple entities talking, but it was very insightful.

Mill Valley mansion.

The second location is another residence, this time in Mill Valley. Similar to Santa Cruz, the audio evidence was overwhelming. There were multiple spirits talking (sometimes making fun of us!) throughout the night. There were direct EVP responses to our questions, as well as residual talking. It felt as if we were in there house, and they didn't really like the company. But, the best evidence came from a rare video capture. A dark mass was caught during a pan with the camcorder, followed directly by an unknown light source moving in front of the lens. This coincided with perceived activity in the room (darkeness/heaviness). We weren't able to debunk this, even with a frame-by-frame analysis.

Best EVPs

Northern CA Mansion Re-visit
"You're aloneee."
Creepy. Loud.

Santa Cruz Private Residence
"Feel." "I'm so cold." "Put your hands over here." "Keep it (warm)." "(Good)" "(Somebody help me.)" "Get rest." "(Control)" "I know what she knows." "What is it?" "One of them was murdered." "She needs all (control)." "(Burns) here to drain her." "He does it." "He turned her and cleaned." "I'm not going to be part of this." "He walked out. [very loud]" "Lucky."
Part 56. Parenthesis indicate best-guess or phonetic interpretation. Brackets are used for notes. Quotations differentiate speaking entities.

Northern CA Mansion
"Ho! Welcome back. She's right.
Don't cry as much. I'm okay.
You're gonna die."
2nd floor fireplace room, stationary DVR. Possibly the best EVP we've collected. Clear. Two entities talking. The last sentence we're not completely sure on, but the rest is accurate after thorough analysis.

Fremont Private Residence
While trying to ask about toys, there is a loud child's voice that can be heard. It's unclear exactly what is meant by it.

Fremont Private Residence
"Don't drain it."
The camcorder battery died and a clear response is heard regarding it.

Bernal Ranch / Dottie's Pond
"They're talking about him."
This seems in response to us talking about the ranger who was outside.

Agnews Asylum (Live Oak Park)
"Show them."
Clear and in direct response to us asking to be shown around."