Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find many of the questions people have regarding our investigations.

What can I expect if you do an investigation for me?

First, we will contact you to get a better understanding of your situation. It's important to know as much information as possible prior to an investigation so we can be prepared. The location of the investigation determines what equipment we bring (indoors, outdoors, large house, small apartment, etc), but in general, we will have several digital camcorders with night-vision, IR cameras, multi-spectrum camera and camcorder, plenty of digital voice recorders, environmental datalogger, and various types of EMF and static meters. Aside from the standard investigation equipment, we may also use experimental devices, or equipment which aides in paranormal research such as phyics apparatus. For a complete list of our equipment, please see the Equip page listed under the main menu.

We will investigate day or night and will work out the most convenient schedule for both parties. After the investigation is over, we will review all the evidence. Depending on the length of the investigation, this could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month. We can either send you evidence collected via email with audio and video, or meet up and present in person.

We try to be as non-intrusive as possible and gear the investigation around the client's needs. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the removal of a spirit.

Do you make evidence that was gathered during investigations available to the public?

We post key evidence on our Investigations section of the website. We also will be happy to share any material (hi-res photos, audio, video) we obtain during investigations with those who request it; however, we do honor the request of our clients if they wish for us to keep their information private. Please Contact Us for such requests.

Can I come along with you on your investigations?

Due to professional, legal, and liability reasons, we do not hold open investigations. Keep in mind that most investigation sites can be covered with 4-6 investigators before we start getting in each other's way. We also have signed legal contracts with clients and everyone must be a trained, professional investigator - the risk is too great for untrained people to cause contamination of evidence and act unprofessional in front of our clients. We also cannot risk someone posting confidential information from an investigation, or even damaging expensive equipment.

Where do you investigate?

We are open to any places, as long as it is safe. We prefer variety and hauntings occur in many types of locations. Some examples of places we like (or want) to investigate are: lighthouses, castles, military forts, cemeteries, naval vessels, prisons, asylums, historic structures, and private residences.

Do you ever charge for your services?

Definitely not. We have a passion for paranormal investigation and enjoy having the opportunity to experience new places!

How can I help?

Equipment for investigations can get costly. Devices like a FLIR thermal video camera cost thousands of dollars. Of course, the more equipment we have, the more thorough our investigations can be. We would be happy to accept any used equipment as gifts. Note that we aren't registered as a not-for-profit organization, so gifts are not tax deductable. If you would like to help, please Contact Us.

Have you been to -city name-?

All the places we have investigated are listed on our website. We get a lot of requests to investigate old cities, but without specific information, we can't investigate an entire city. If you believe there is a location that is genuinely haunted, please contact us and give us specifics about the address and what paranormal events were believed to have occurred there.