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Photos of the paranormal are extremely rare (see debunking section). Every now and then, we get a weird light artifact we can't explain and post them here.

Mill Valley Mansion

This photo was taken on the 3rd (top) floor with the multi-spectrum camera. The light on the left is a normal wall light. The streak of light on the right was not visible to us at the time. It's clearly not a lens flare and doesn't have the soft glow of a normal light (plus, there was no other light in the hallway). It's hard to tell if it has a movement trail or not, but the walls and ceiling beams are not blurry as they would be if the camera was shakey.

Mission de Asis

Ceiling shot. Aside from dust orbs, there is a very bright light arti fact in the upper right of this photo. It is not dust on the sensor and did not appear in any other photos. It's not a line, there are branches. We are unable to determine what it can be.