USS Hornet - Alameda, CA

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Investigated: Dec 6, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent & Residual.

Site Details

We went to this site before in the summer and had a lot of personal experiences there, so we headed back around a half year later. It was freezing on board the ship since there was no heat and is sitting in San Francisco Bay. Not much changed since the last site investigation, except a new area or two had opened up for exhibits. It's still a very large ship that is a maze of ladders!

Personal Experiences

Given the history of the ship and previous experiences there, we were amazed to not have a single experience! There were no K2 hits at all this time, and only a few areas had fluctations that the digital EMF dectector picked up. While doing the investigation, we did not knowingly encounter any paranormal activity, but as we later found out when reviewing the audio/video, there was more activity than we expected.


"Don't you dare."
Captured as we were walking around, seems in direct response to us saying we were going to the front of the ship.

"That's right."
The first word isn't too clear, but it seems to be agreeing with what we just said.

"Help me."
This was captured on camcorder as we were just walking around the ship.

Ching sound
When asked to make a sound, this was caught only by our camcorder, and we did not hear it at the time.

"Noooo, no."
Loud and drawn out, followed by another one.

Simple and clear. May be a response to our discussion.

A sarcastic response to us saying we've come back to visit?

(sigh) "Empty."
This was just after walking into a room.

"Here and see."
Could be "heresy"

A bit faint, but is in response to our questioning.

"Gee, no."
Not really sure what's being said, but it's a clear whisper.

"The best."
Out of place, loud whisper. Not clear on what's being said.

Growling sound.
Very loud and disturbing. None of us heard it while we were there.