TransAllegheny Insane Asylum - Weston, WV

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Investigated: Aug 27, 2010 Haunted?   Yes.

Site Details

This lunatic asylum is a huge multi-building structure in Weston, WV. Weston State Hospital, as it was once called, housed a maximum of 2,400 patients at its peak time. The hospital itself is an architectural wonder and it's wonderful that they are doing what they can to fund and preserve this location. Inside, it is a maze of wards, connected to wards, connected to wards. Almost all the furniture has been removed and there are endless hallways of identical rooms. It's very easy to get lost in this place. You could walk for hours and not go through the whole building. There's also an adjacent medical building that they just opened up. Even though we were only able to go on the first level, there's clearly a lot of flooding and damage to the building, as you can see from the photos below.

Personal Experiences

Given that this was a TAPS event, there were a lot of people there, even when we were split up into groups. Not much happened to anyone there. Even sitting alone in rooms where suicides took place, or in locked cells of aggressive patients... there really wasn't a feeling of anything paranormal. This of course, never means that there's nothing there, the investigation doesn't end until all collected data is reviewed. There were a few possible EVPs captured in areas where no other people were around at the time.

The best personal experience was meeting Steve and Tango in person, one-to-one during the investigation. We've met Amy before, and she's a very fun and down-to-earth girl.


"I've missed it." "Don't touch it"
This is from the Medical Center building. First is a direct response to the question, but it's faint. The second whisper seems unrelated.

"Never am."
In the Medical Center building, a possible response to the question being asked.

Just a random word spoken while alone walking around.

"Don't hate me."
While sitting in a room alone, this is heard randomly.