Bernal Ranch - San Jose, CA

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Investigated: Jun 5, 2010 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

Site Details

The bernal is a beautiful little home that is kept up as a museum to display the history and family of the original owners. There's basically only one room you can go in and it wouldn't seem like a typical haunting spot, but it definitely is! We revisit this spot every now and then because we are sure to get some EVPs, which makes it a great training location! This time, the bernal maintainer talked to us and we told him why we were there. He allowed us some privacy and closed the door so no one else would bother us. Very nice person and we're thankful to have had the place to ourselves for awhile!

Personal Experiences

No personal experiences at this location, but we always capture EVPs ! There is nothing scary about this location except for typical squeeks and crackling sounds that an old house makes.


"Below the picture."
This is a clear response to the investigator looking at a photo. The EVP is indicating where to look for the people's names that are in the photo.

"I want to be left alone."
This EVP didn't come across clearly, but you can somewhat make out a response to the investigator's question. If it had been more clear, it would be a class A EVP.