Purissima Cemetery - Half Moon Bay, CA

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Investigated: Jul 24, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

Site Details

This location is somewhat difficult to find, though it's easy to locate in satellite views. We came across snakes, spiders, ticks, and other wildlife - not to mention poison oak. The path, which is narrow and overgrown, leads to the main grave area. However, traversing the brambling path is definitely rewarding once you spot the first headstone. Where the path ends, cement begins. The cement blanketing the main area is unexpected and somewhat conspicuous against the lush greenery. Most of the headstones are located in this section and are fairly well preserved. There are various paths that lead from the cemented area to the more isolated graves. Most of these headstones are in poor condition and some of the names have been eroded.

Personal Experiences

The most active area seems to be near the start of the path. Although there were power lines above, the EMF readings dropped the higher the device was held. This occurred when we held the reader close to the ground, as well. The highest readings seemed to be at hip level in this area.

There were several other locations where we got significant EMF readings; namely as we were approaching the main graves. Although no orbs were captured at Purissima, we were able to catch a few EVPs. Based on our findings, we believe that the cemetery is, in fact, haunted. We are planning a second trip to this location in attempt to collect more paranormal evidence.


"Don't be a ditz."
Loud and in response to what we're saying. It could be in Spanish, and we're not sure on the last word.

A long, drawn-out voice, presumably an entity did not want us to go!

Simple, clear.

Breathing into mic.
Right after asking for an entity to talk into our microphone, we get this really loud exhale sound.