U.S.S. Hornet - Alameda, CA

Investigated: Jun 28, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent & Residual.

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The USS Hornet is often listed as one of the top 10 haunted locations in the US. It's an aircraft carrier that was in use during World War II, and also assisted NASA with the Apollo 11 recovery. Many people have experienced paranormal encounters here and there is a history of suicides on this vessel.

The Hornet is a great location for an investigation; most areas are open to the public and the tour is generally self-guided. There are seldom many visitors, which allows for ample room and privacy for paranormal investigations. Some areas, however, are restricted to the public. Some of these areas are scheduled to open in the future. The Hornet is currently undergoing renovations, which is presumed to heighten paranormal activity.

Personal Experiences

The ship itself does not incite any eerie or uneasy feelings, though some of the lower levels that are not accessible to the public have a sense of "unwantedness" to them. Throughout the ship, we repeatedly got significant hits on the K2 meter. This phenomena was most common in certain corners or sequestered areas. It seemed that whatever was provoking the meter wished to play hide-and-seek. It led us to various rooms, then would quickly move away. Because there are many power sources on the ship, we made sure to track down the source of every EMF hit we received in order to rule out any false positives.

Our first major encounter was on the second deck near the fire station. The K2 meter repeatedly lit up, leading us into a doorway area. This is where we got our first EVP. We also noticed a chain from the wall that was swinging near this location, though neither of us had touched it and there was no perceivable movement on the vessel.

Our second encounter occurred in the berthing cot area. This was perhaps the most significant location in our investigation. The K2 meter repeatedly lit up brightly and stayed that way consistently. The assumed entity seemed to move from cot to cot, almost as if it wanted to get away from us. After resuming our tour, we returned to this location and continued to get significant K2 hits. We asked questions and tried to receive answers via the K2, but the energy fluctuation seemed to have no rhyme or reason.

When we ventured up to the hangar deck in the forecastle, we received more hits on the K2 meter. We remained in this location for some time, trying to provoke the entity. We did manage to catch an orb in one of the photos that was taken in this area. We caught one more orb down one of the dark, inaccessible staircases as well. No dust was present on the vessel, which leads us to believe that the orbs we caught are evidence of paranormal activity.

Based on our findings at the USS Hornet, we believe that the vessel does host paranormal activity. Most of the energy appears as residual; however, there will be on-going investigations to capture intelligent evidence.


"We're here... here"
First, there is a very loud, odd mechanical sound which we did not hear, followed by a clear voice in response to us asking if the entity left.

Clear and possible in response to us saying "It's gone". This was right after another EVP was captured.