Pioneer Cemetery - Calistoga, CA

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Investigated: Nov 11, 2015 Haunted?   Yes. Requires further investigation.

Site Details

Located in Bothe-Napa Valley state park, this historic cemetery has few remaining gravestones left. It's next to the site of the first church in Napa Valley, of which all that remains is a stone and placard. Many of the head stones are for the Tucker family, who lived on the property back in the mid 1800s. The well-known Donner Party also has ties to this location. This Pioneer Cemetery is not to be confused with the OLD Pioneer Cemetery, in the main Calistoga area. This location is along Highway 128/29 and the only access to it is through the park gate (a small fee). While we were only able to investigate the cemetery, there's actually an old homestead further up the mountain, which would be interesting for a follow-on investigation.

Personal Experiences

As with most historic cemeteries, there's a solemn feeling to the location, especially since most head stones are missing and you can see all the sunken-in land where bodies are laid to rest. Unfortunately, this is located RIGHT next to the highway, and is closed at night, so getting clear audio is very difficult unless you camp inside the park overnight.


"You told me you would go get us help."
Women's voice which comes across mostly clear, but car noise in the background.