Castello di Amoroso - Calistoga, CA

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Investigated: Nov 11, 2015 Haunted?   No.

Site Details

Located in the famed Napa Valley near Calistoga, this tuscan-styled castle raises above the vineyards. Inside, it has a church, and a large dining hall fit for a king - including medieval-style artwork adorning all the walls. While walking around the site, one would think it's actually an old castle, but it's not. It actually just opened in the mid-2000s.

Personal Experiences

While we tried to get EVPs here, there was just simply too much background noise. We did get a lot of thermal, though. This would be a great place to reserve for a night if they allowed it. If anything did haunt this location, it was from former owners before the castle was built.


Photo Evidence

If you follow the handrail on the left down, you'll see a blue light in the photo. In a previous photo, the blue light is closer to the camera. While this is most likely a bug or light back scatter, usually that's an artifact of using flash (which wasn't used). The light sources are in front of the camera, not behind. So, it's interesting, especially how bright it is, but we can't definitively say it is paranormal in origin.