Moss Beach - Moss Beach, CA

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Investigated: Sep 20, 2009 Haunted?   No.

Site Details

Moss Beach is said to be haunted by the "Blue Lady". The Distillery there lays claim to her ghost haunting their premises. One of the stories was that this lady was murdered by a jealous lover on the cliff or beach, so we investigated those specific locations. The Distillery is a public restaurant with tourist "attractions" like fake imagery, hydrolics, and other ghost similulation mechanics, so we wanted to go to the source instead.

Personal Experiences

The cliff and beach area below were particularly gloomy due to the normal California beach fog. We didn't experience any type of EMF activity at all. It's important to note that with the thick fog and blue ocean, it's probable for someone to easily "see" a blue lady on the cliffs or beach.


No EVPs captured.