Private Residence - Berkeley, CA

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Investigated: Aug 22, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

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This Victorian home boasts many of the unique features present in houses built in the early 1900s, including a root cellar, a separate servant's staircase and, of course, an attic and basement. The client feels that activity is present in the basement and possibly the attic. She also stated that past roommates have confessed to feeling trapped or held at the home, as if they couldn't leave. This feeling was enough to persuade multiple roommates to move out.

Personal Experiences

We found ourselves overwhelmed by the enormity of the house upon arrival. After a brief tour, we decided to start with the basement and work our way up. The basement, quintessentially the scariest area of a house, yielded no unusual readings. When we moved on to the root cellar, however, we were surprised to discover sporadical EMF fluctuations. We caught a few orbs in this area, as well as a barely distinguishable EVP. There was also shuffling noises around us, even though we were sitting still. We asked the entity to knock three times and, to our amazement, we got two faint knocks in response. We repeated the question and received the same response. It's interesting to note that after we asked the entity if it could knock for us, we got an EVP in which the words "I can too" can be heard.

We found that the rest of the house yielded no abnormal EMF readings. However, upon reviewing the digital voice recordings, we discovered a few unexplainable EVPs. One in particular captured our attention - it can be described as a growl or a moan. This particular EVP was recorded by the attic stairs. We certainly didn't hear anything even remotely similar to this sound during our investigation, which leads us to believe that we captured a genuine EVP.

We're planning on returning to this home in the near future. We believe that the hold that this house has on its residents is a residual feeling that has been left by former servants of the household who felt that they were bound to the home in servitude..


"I can too."
Pretty clear and in response to us asking for a knock or sound.

Clear but seems random. Could be talking to other spirits.

This is very loud and somewhat scary.

This is just a faint sound, possibly in response to what's being said.

From the attic. Phonetically sounds like "ba-doh", but we're unsure.