Hacienda Cemetery - New Alamaden, CA

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Investigated: Nov 7, 2009 Haunted?   No.

Site Details

Because of the high demand of the valuable mineral cinnabar, there was a huge influx of settlers that relocated to New Almaden in search of work at the mercury mine in the 19th century. However, there were many altercations between the miners - some of which ended up in homicide. There are approximately fifty grave sites in the small cemetery, most of which are protected by respective white picket fences. These protective fences weren't installed until the 1970s, however, so many grave sites are missing tombstones. These sites are marked with a simple piece of paper listing the deceased.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the cemetery is that it's bisected by Bertram Road. The road itself isn't intriguing - it's the fact that many dead bodies are buried underneath it. A former property owner took it upon himself to bulldoze straight through the cemetery (illegally) in the interest of connecting the two nearby roads. It's suspected that houses in close proximity to the cemetery have been built on top of grave sites. Also spooky is the fact that, before engineers averted the nearby creek, dead bodies dislodged from their graves and were found floating downstream during flood season.

Personal Experiences

This cemetery is quite different than the usual fare - it's been both preserved and left to run wild. Although many improvements have been made to the area, the property is not landscaped or sophisticated, which only adds to its charm. The white picket fences stand in harsh contrast against the lush overgrowth. Only as small percentage of the still-standing gravestones are legible. However, a plaque stands that names each and every grave site, complete with names and dates. This is helpful if one desires to provoke spirits or ask specific questions regarding year or cause of death

We did get a few EMF spikes in the cemetery, but we feel that these may have been due to the power lines which hover above Bertram Road. As far as EVP evidence goes, we came across nothing of significance.


No EVPs captured.