Bernal Historic Ranch - San Jose, CA

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Investigated: Nov 7 & 29, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

Site Details

This historic ranch was founded by Jose Jaoquin Bernal in 1826 and was passed down through generations of the family until 1980, when the county purchased the property and converted it into an historical area. The ranch house itself is very small - about the size of a modern studio apartment; however, it used to be as much as three times larger as family members added on additional rooms. Inside, most of the decorations and artifacts are not originals, but do come from the same time period. Outside, there are two large barns, one of which is open to visitors, the other is closed off since the structure is collapsing.

Also on this site is a spot known as Dottie's Pond. A young girl named Dottie apparently drowned here by a hand reaching out of the water and forcing her down. Her ghost is believed to haunt the location; however, the pond is quite shallow, so it is hard to validate the story

Personal Experiences

We had high hopes of catching a notable amount of evidence at the ranch, yet we encountered no EMF fluctuations and simply felt no sense of sadness, grief, or fear. We explored Dottie's pond, one of the barns, and the ranch house. Unfortunately, the decrepit barn that's said to host paranormal activity is closed to the public for safety reasons. The ranch itself is beautiful and interesting, but we left feeling disappointed with the assumed lack of paranormal activity. However, we were pleased to find that our digital voice recorders captured a decent amount of EVPs, which is considerable evidence to believe the site is haunted. All of the clips below were caught in the Bernal ranch house.


"I love you."
Not in response to us, but we believe there was another spirit present and was talking to it.

"They're talking about him."
This seems in response to us talking about the ranger who was outside.

"Did it."
More faint, but seems in response to us.

"Paht Chee"
Not sure what is being said.

Squeeky noise.
A weird squeeking noise that we didn't hear and came right before we captured another EVP.