Fort Necessity, Farmington, PA

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Investigated: Dec 26, 2019 Haunted?   Possibly. Requires further investigation.

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Out in rural Pennsylvania is a location of the battle that started the French and Indian war. It is a tiny fort that hundreds of British soldiers were trapped at while surrounded by the French and Indian. There are streams around and it's very wet, where the soldiers had terrible conditions. A wide open area gave the attackers the advantage. You wouldn't expect to see such a tiny fort made up only up vertical wooden planks and a tiny shed in the center. You immediately feel how horrible the British must have felt; not only from the conditions, but just claustrophic in that space.

Personal Experiences

Given that the location is now an open park, there's not much to experience here. It closes at dark, but an overnight experience may yield a more interesting encounter.


Who do you expect it to be?
This is very mechanical sounding, responding to the question.

They kept trying to go around
Pretty faint, but responds immediately after the question.

You look like you've been living in a house
Another faint response about ten seconds in. Imagine what we look like to those in the fort, and this comment makes sense.