Historic Evergreen Cemetery- Santa Cruz, CA

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Investigated: Sep 11, 2016 Haunted?   Yes - .

Site Details

Located up on a hill overlooking Santa Cruz, this historic cemetery is home to some of the founders of the area. It is somewhat well maintained by volunteers, but we did encounter homeless sleeping there during the day - so be careful. While the cemetery is on a more quiet street, the loud sounds from industrial sites nearby make EVP sessions rather difficult.

Personal Experiences

The cemetery has a very calming feel to it. The dead have laid there in peace for decades. Other than encounters with the homeless, we didn't have any personal experience with entities there. At night, it may be different with quiet and shadows; however, it is not recommended as it's both illegal (trespassing) and dangerous (homeless).


Nothing of significance captured; however, there were many times where a faint female voice could be heard (but too faint to make out what was said).