Dead Man's Hollow - Boston, PA

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Investigated: Oct 2, 2015 Haunted?   Possibly. Requires further investigation.

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This location is very personal to me as I grew up walking the forest that is known as Dead Man's Hollow. As a kid, I loved the broken terracotta I'd find, and the old walls. I'd follow the stream through the woods, knowing little of the history of the site. There were many people killed here over the years, from an alleged hanging, to an explosion, to drownings, and several accidents. The site is easy to get to off the Boston bike trail and is marked with signs. What is left are remains of a building or two, and some old furnaces. There's an old bridge and stairs further up the trail. Over the years, the site has been the home of a stone query, a brick factory, and a sewer pipe factory.

Personal Experiences

Being in ruins at dusk is scary in itself. It has a haunting or creepy feel to it, especially with no one else around. However, we didn't have any personal experiences while there. We captured some EVPs, most not very clear, but more time needs spent there exploring the area more.


"You're mine specialty"
Maybe talking about a mine here? A male voice when there were no males around

Not very clear what's being said at the end. A person's name maybe?