Toys R Us - Sunnyvale, CA

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Investigated: Oct 12, 2009 Haunted?   Possibly. Requires furter investigation.

Site Details

The Toys R Us store in Sunnyvale, CA is well-known to be haunted by spirits that still roam the land there from when it used to be an ochard. It's been featured on several TV shows, as well as visited by psychics.

Since the location was close, we decided to head in with our K2, voice recorder, and digital EMF meter to see if there was anything we could capture.

Personal Experiences

As soon as we began our investigation outside of the store, we got some substantial EMF hits. We soon discovered, however, that these high readings were caused by a power source located underground. Inside the store, we witnessed no paranormal activity, but did obtain very substantial EMF readings. Some of these readings were strongest in the aisles closest to the entrance (which, coincidentally, were stocked with seasonal Halloween items). True to rumor, we got the highest readings near the back left corner of the store.

Although we used our digital voice recorders during this investigation, nothing of interest can be discerned in the recording. We investigated this location discretely, as many customers were present at the time. We intend on returning to this location for a more formal investigation.


None captured.