Private Residence - Berkeley, CA

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Investigated: Mar 6, 2010 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent and Residual.

Site Details

This site was one of our first investigation locations where we obtained substantial EVP evidence. We wanted to go back with more equipment and do a more thorough investigation. Last time, the root cellar ended up having the most evidence, so we focused on that location, but also explored the attic and basement areas as well. We were also accompanied by a couple of students wishing to do a documentary project on a paranormal investigation group for school.

Personal Experiences

There were less personal experiences this time than last, perhaps due to having a larger group. We did capture some possible EVPs in the same location and tried to debunk some sounds we recorded last time, but wasn't able to. We left a voice recorder and camera runnign in the root cellar while we went to investigate the attic. What we captured on audio was during that time period.


"No one."
Whisper heard on recorder in the root cellar while were in a different room.

Another whisper captured in root cellar while we were upstairs.

Ambiguous sound in root cellar while no one else in room.