Historic Pet Cemetery - Santa Cruz, CA

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Investigated: Sep 3, 2012 Haunted?   Yes

Site Details

Driving along Sims Road in Santa Cruz off Highway 17, a couple of markers are the only indication that an historic pet cemetery is located just off the side of the road. It is located between two residences and is covered by trees and overgrowth. It's clear that the location hasn't been maintained in a long time and many graves are almost completely covered. Most of the readable gravestones appear to be from the 1950s and 1960s. While the area gives a creepy vibe due the neglected environment, one of the graves had been recently dug up, leaving an old decaying blanket and patches of dog fur behind. This reminded us of the Pet Cemetery movie, but rest assured, we didn't find any zombified pets running around. This abandoned place is peaceful and chilling. The owners of their pets loved them dearly, but have long stopped visiting their graves.

Personal Experiences

We had no personal experiences at this location. EMF detectors were at a steady baseline reading. No EVPs were recorded. All readings were normal for an outdoor location.

After reviewing the audio evidence however; it is clear that there was an intelligent spirit there with us. Moments within turning on our voice recorder, we caught several EVPs as we walked into the pet cemetery. Most of the words were too soft or distant to clearly capture, but one distinctly said "The pets are mine." Chilling to hear, given the location. It is also heart-warming to know that either one of the pet's owners, or perhaps an old care-taker of the cemetery, is still there to watch over these old beloved animals.


"The pets are mine."
This was also captured immediately upon entering the site. This is a class B because the EVP is clear and directly related to us being there asking about the pets.

"Look... surprise..."
We had just turned on our recorder as we were walking to the pet graves. The first word is pretty clear, but there is more said after it that we are unsure of.

"Wake up."
Caught only a few seconds after the intelligent pet owner EVP, it's unclear the intent of this message. There seems to be some other soft words spoken near the end of the clip, but we can't make it out.