Henry Miller Mansion Ruins - Watsonville, CA

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Investigated: Nov 28, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

Site Details

This location, nestled deep within Mt. Madonna County Park, houses the ruins of a once-magnificent summer estate. Henry Miller, nicknamed the "cattle king" due to his booming cattle business, built bungalows for his family to enjoy during the summer season. The main house boasted 7 bedrooms, a huge veranda, and a large ballroom. Two additional homes were built for Miller's children. There have been many reports of the location being haunted by Miller and his daughter Nellie, who supposedly fell off a horse and instantly died.

Personal Experiences

We were worried that we were in for a bit of a hike when we approached the trail that leads to the Miller site, however we were pleased to discover that the ruins are in close proximity to the parking lot. As soon as the ruins were in view, we got a brief hit on the K2 meter. These brief fluctuations continued as we explored the rest of the area


"Another one."
Possible EVP in response to our question about multiple homes at the site.

"I'm walking by."
Captured while discussing why the K2 meter would flicker quickly.

No can do? I can do? Overlaps our questioning

"Help me."
This is faint.