Adelaida Cemetery- Paso Robles, CA

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Investigated: Dec 12, 2015 Haunted?   Yes - Intelligent and Residual.

Site Details

This mostly forgotten cemetery is up in the hills above Paso Robles, nestled amonst the wine vineyards. It's a very quiet location with very little noise from cars (although the occasional plane flew over). When you park at the bottom of the cemetery, you would think there's hardly anything there. You have to actually hike up a hill, where all the older graves are hidden. This is a great investigation due to the quiet and no other people around. It's very much like any other historic graveyard with its missing graves and vandalism, but overall, it's held up pretty well. A bunch of deer even ran by during our investigation.

Personal Experiences

As with most cemeteries, there's just no personal experiences. We always go when they are open (daylight hours), so it feels more peaceful than creepy. There was no detectable EMF activity. We did get a lot of faint whispers, though. The bad thing about recording outdoors is sound from planes, birds, wind (even with a wind screen), and other ambient sounds. There was also a very loud cow that would constantly "Moo". I feel like this would be a great place to re-visit on a more calm day, or perhaps in the summer, when the spirits can get more energy from the air. It seems as though they were talking to us, and each other, but most things were too faint to make out.


"Do you like her?"
Faint female voice, but pretty easy to hear what's being said. Not sure if she's referencing me or oblivious to me.

"It's raining."
Prett clear woman's voice. This was captured on a clear sunny day, so it shows how their time/reality does not coalesce with ours.

"You're awake."
Faint female voice, perhaps answering a prior question about whether or not we're in a dream.

"Keep them whole."
Another very faint female voice. The first two words are more clean than the last.

"Come back when..."
VERY faint response, but sounds like five words or syllables.

"You can't..."
Too faint to make out. You can't pull away or You camp away? Female voice, though.

"The other people..."
Direct response to question about evil from a male. The first part seems clear, but more is said after, possibly "Should we test her?", but just too faint.

"Skip the lies."
Heard after response to evil question, but this is a female instead and a bit more clear.

"They're almost over-powered."
When asked about people who can see the dead, this is a faint response from a male.

(female)"You can." (male) "You're not specific to why."
Direct (but faint) response when asked about living in dreams when dead.

"You learn to speak."
Realllly faint female voice at the end of the EVP session.

"Please hear me "
More faint female talking.

"What do you care, if it's non-complete?"
Response to question about memories from a secondary recorder. Male voice but there's a plane flying over, so hard to hear

"They're training with (Paul Sticks?)."
Weird voice captured. Maybe they are referring to a person's name there.

"...So please don't give up on me."
First part is too faint to make out, but after the bird sound, you can hear it a bit more.

(1st woman) "She wants the (exclament?) to go on." (2nd woman) "She says he did."
Two women talking to each other.