Shoreline Park - Mountain View, CA

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Investigated: Mar 24, 2014 Haunted?   Possibly. Requires further investigation.

Site Details

This location is a public area where the oldest historic house in Mountain View is still located today. The grounds and garden are public, with the inside of the home available during guided tours only or as an event rental. The owner of the house played a big role in the development of the local area by using land to farm, raise cattle, and increased the economy by building a ship port. After he died, other family members moved into the house. It is now an historic landmark.

Personal Experiences

Since we were limited to the outside of the house during the investigation, we went when there would be minimal distruption from ambient noises. While the grounds are very well kept, there is a calming feeling to the location. There weren't any personal experiences, in fact, we were surprised to hear EVPs during the audio review. None of our detectors went off for EMF, nor was anything found on UV/IR cameras. This is solely an EVP-based evidence collection. Inside the actual house likely yields much more interactive entities; however, the owners will not allow investigators inside due to possible association with the paranormal and we respect that.

UNFORTUNATELY, this is outside and right at the bay so there's always a breeze, which really ruins the audio. We captured a lot of whispery EVPs, but had to throw them out. The wind manifests as choppy noise on the audio. We will go back with a wind screen next time to hopefully get better audio. The spirits there were very talkative and friendly it seems.


"She likes being seen."
This is a very clear direct response. There's a male voice at the very end as well that can't be made out. The audio choppiness is the wind outside

"Who's this?" "We're not gone!"
This is very choppy due to wind, but you can hear a loud female voice then what sounds like a child voice!

This is enhanced audio and was the first captured after listening in silence.

There's definitely a one-word female response, but it's not clear due to the wind.

"Go back."
Female whisper.

(Drama ex?)... "A warrant."
There is a male voice followed by a more clear female voice talking about a warrant?