Old Pioneer Cemetery - Calistoga, CA

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Investigated: Nov 21, 2015 Haunted?   Yes, residual.

Site Details

We re-visited Calistoga again, this time we got the correct cemetery. This site is open to the public from dusk to dawn, as many cemeteries are; however, it's right next to a very busy street. The best time to go would be as the gate opens at sunrise (please do not trespass at night, as it's illegal). It's a very old site where many graves are falling apart, though there are some newer family plots as well. It's a very steep hill, an odd place for a cemetery, but fairly large as far as historic ones go. In terms of history, this site is the resting place of a couple of the original Donner-Reed party pioneers.

Personal Experiences

Thanks to the non-stop vehicle traffic, it's very difficult to obtain EVPs here. That being said, there were a lot of voices captured, but most were just drowned out by cars to list. But from what was captured, it sounds like there's actually several spirits here in a residual haunting. They are communicating with each other, mostly unaware of our present time. It would be a great place to go at night if you can arrange it with the city. There were more female presences than male, and to note: both Donner party survivors buried here were female.

With limited audio capability, we turned to using EMF and thermal to detect anomalies, but no activity showed up on our equipment.


"What do you think?"
Another EVP while walking is a clear woman's voice

"Let's create a new life."
Women's voice. The first word includes a bit of electric distortion, which backs up further that it's an EVP.

Man talking
While walking, sounds like a male saying something about graves being buried.

"Your stockings.." "How low is it?"
Sounds like two different women's voices talking amongst themselves.

"Cut off the break."
Heard while walking around.

"On time."
Sweet women's voice.