Henry Miller Mansion Ruins - Watsonville, CA

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Investigated: Mar 5, 2011 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

Site Details

At the top of Mt. Madonna, the man known as The Cattle King built his summer home for the family. Ruins of the homes still remain today. You can see the staircases that led to the homes (his son had a separate house), as well as walls that used to encompass the ballroom. The site itself is county park that is open to the public during the day; however, not many people visit the area, which makes it an ideal investigation spot.

Personal Experiences

We had conducted an investigation at this site a couple years ago and were glad to come back. We captured what were possible intelligent EVPs, but with the high winds, it couldn't provide us with conclusive evidence of a haunting. This time, we visited in the spring while the weather was calm and no other visitors could contaminate the evidence (although there's always animals and overhead planes contributing).

As with the previous investigation, we got a few K2 hits. After reviewing the audio, these K2 hits corresponded to points where we got the most active EVPs as well. With or cell phones off, and no power anywhere at the site, we were unable to identify any source of EM fields. The K2 activity was infrequent and random and we couldn't get an interactive session working. Static electricity readings were consistent with only slight fluctuations (with high sensitivity, this is normal).

At one point, our investigator K saw a black shadow in the woods by the ballroom and quickly ran over. She saw it run away and when she got there, a branch was left moving and a potential footprint had been left in the leaves and mud. This is consistent with the claims of seeing shadow figures at the site.

Upon evidence review, there were substantial amounts of EVPs collected. Most were faint and seemed unrelated to what we were asking. There were also both male and female voices. Based on our interpretations of the audio, it definitely seems that the ruins are haunted, even if just in a residual way. It is unclear though who the people are that still linger there. We never got a clear answer on whether Henry Miller himself was there, or any other member of his family.


A mechanical and choppy sound, but seems in direct response from the investigator talking about energy.

"Test. We're here to talk."
After the investigator speaks, a very clear voice is heard on the recorder that seems like the spirit is trying to interact with us.

"Does it matter?"
Very clear and direct response to the question asked by the investigator.

"Terra Grey"
A direct response and is pretty clear; however, not sure if it's a name or why it's being spoken.

"Tell her. I told you."
Two different responses are heard after the investigator asks a question.

"We're okay. Come back here."
After the investigater speaks the first time, whispers are heard that seem to be trying to get our attention.

"Yes. Don't make the rules"
A loud -yes- is given in response to the first question. After the second investigator speaks, another loud response is heard. Perhaps there are certain rules spirits are supposed to follow in the afterlife?

"Push it."
A clear response is captured in response to the investigator.

"I'm trying to get it to work... Train us."
It seems the spirits are trying to interact with us and want to learn how?

Captured while setting up gear. Immediately, sounds phonetically like "snojer" then after the investigator speaks, a different voice says what may be a sentence "We're here to carry you back", but it's just too unclear.

"Purge isn't working."
This was just a random EVP. It doesn't really make sense in any context, so possibly residual.

Perhaps the spirit is referring to US as the shades (similar to how we call them shadow people).

Prior to the investigator asking the question, you hear a one-syllable word whispered. Not sure what is being communicated or if it's residual.

"That's why I like them. That's right."
This is rough sounding and is whispered on top of the investigator speaking. Not sure if it's directed at us.

"We drugged our children. There's no turning back."
The investigators are a distance from the recorder, but there are words whispered close to it. The second sentence is said while the investigator is talking. We're not sure if this is about the Miller family.

"It's now. Take."
These are just random whispers that were captured. Seems residual and we're unclear what they mean.

Random EVP captured but it has a tone to the voice which makes it stand out more than the others.

"Backdoor...the rest.. it's around... you're over right? where to go!"
There are aat least two different voices here. This was captured while setting up. We have no idea what the voices are referring to, but it could be a residual conversation.

"Night. What was that? Dark strangers. Here it comes."
Captured from a recorder left by itself. The first voice is loud, and then another voice which is harder to make out comes in, followed another strong male voice. Perhaps they are referring to us as the dark strangers compared to them?

"You're a stranger. Who's working?"
Random EVP. The loud background noise is a plane overhead. Not sure if we are being referred to as a stranger, or if this is completely residual.

"I need you now to move this down the street."
Loud and clear. Definitely a male voice with some tone to it. It appears to be a random, residual EVP -- perhaps of Henry Miller himself?

"The (wuster) will open the gate."
This is faint, but there. We're not sure if the gate is referring to an actual physical gate (residual), or perhaps a gate between our realms.

Another weird and random EVP. It's a whisper very close to the recorder.