Chictactac-Adams Park, Gilroy, CA

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Investigated: Jul 25, 2009 Haunted?   No. Possible residual energy.

Site Details

The location is an easy to get to park-like area that has some stands giving information on the Chitactac tribe that once existed there. It is said that their burial place now resides underneath the parking lot and people have claims of seeing various apparitions at night or have electronics malfunction. The park does close at dusk, so we went there just prior to the park's closure for that evening.

Personal Experiences

There was very little activity here at all. The only experience we encountered was our K2 and other digital EMF having small spikes. It was very infrequent and in no particular area, lasting only a couple of seconds at a time. It seems more likely that any activity here is residual and is "roaming" around as some memory of a past activity.


No EVPs captured.