Agnews Insane Asylum (Live Oak Park) - Santa Clara, CA

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Investigated: Oct 19, 2009 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent & Residual.

Site Details

The Agnews Developmental Center was built in the late 1800's in Santa Clara. Over a hundred people died there in the 1906 earthquake, but it was rebuilt as a huge campus. The site is now mostly gone, replaced with residential housing, businesses, a shopping center, and a hotel. There remains some historical buildings still open to the public, and a graveyard that has been fenced off for preservation.

Personal Experiences

Upon arriving at the park, we were immediately overcome by its immense size. The only standing structures in the entire area are located in the small playground section. The only trees that are present in the park are contained to the outer perimeter near the sidewalks.

Unsure of the best place to start investigating, we opted to wander around, trying to get a feel for the area. During this initial sweep, we got very few hits on the K2 meter. When we returned to the hot-spots, however, we were able to obtain much stronger, steadier readings. The energy seemed contained to very specific areas. It's interesting to note that the energy seemed only to occupy areas waist-level and higher. We can find no logical explanation for these EMF fluctuations.

We recently returned to the park for a follow-up investigation. Our readings in some of the hot-spots seemed to be much stronger this time. We tried our hardest to provoke the entity and persuade it to engage in conversation, but it didn't seem to react to our questions. Therefore, we believe it to be a residual energy, as opposed to intelligent energy.

While reviewing our respective voice recorders, we came across some unexplainable phenomena. These EVPs can be found in our 'Evidence Gathered' section. One particular EVP leads us to believe that we did encounter at least one intelligent entity.


"Show them."
Clear and in direct response to us asking to be shown around."

"No, no."
Fairly loud, but unclear if it's in response to us.

Faint, but possibly in response to our question.

Very vaint, but possibly in response to us.

Unable to distinguish what is being said.

This is either grumbling or a deep voice.