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Click   to play the EVPs. You must wear headphones to hear most EVPs. Using headphones that specialize in lower-frequencies (bass) will help. Never use noise-cancelling ones for audio listening, as those headphones can actually nullify EVPs.

Shoreline Park

"She likes being seen."
This is a very clear direct response. There's a male voice at the very end as well that can't be made out. The audio choppiness is the wind outside

"Who's this?" "We're not gone!"
This is very choppy due to wind, but you can hear a loud female voice then what sounds like a child voice!

This is enhanced audio and was the first captured after listening in silence.

There's definitely a one-word female response, but it's not clear due to the wind.

"Go back."
Female whisper.

(Drama ex?)... "A warrant."
There is a male voice followed by a more clear female voice talking about a warrant?