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Click   to play the EVPs. You must wear headphones to hear most EVPs. Using headphones that specialize in lower-frequencies (bass) will help. Never use noise-cancelling ones for audio listening, as those headphones can actually nullify EVPs.

Historic Pet Cemetery

"The pets are mine."
This was also captured immediately upon entering the site. This is a class B because the EVP is clear and directly related to us being there asking about the pets.

"Look... surprise..."
We had just turned on our recorder as we were walking to the pet graves. The first word is pretty clear, but there is more said after it that we are unsure of.

"Wake up."
Caught only a few seconds after the intelligent pet owner EVP, it's unclear the intent of this message. There seems to be some other soft words spoken near the end of the clip, but we can't make it out.