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Click   to play the EVPs. You must wear headphones to hear most EVPs. Using headphones that specialize in lower-frequencies (bass) will help. Never use noise-cancelling ones for audio listening, as those headphones can actually nullify EVPs.

St. James Park

"We brought our stakes... for the people."
This comes across fairly well when we were getting a lot of K2 activity. It relates to the history of the site where the lynching took place.

There's another voice that comes across as a loud whisper. We can't make it out, other than that it's a few syllables.

Female voice
This is a quick voice heard after asking to light up the K2 device. It's very fast, but sounds like a few syllables again.

"Tell them a story..?"
A couple seconds after asking why they're hanging out here still, there's a faint female whisper saying what seems to be a sentence.