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Click   to play the EVPs. You must wear headphones to hear most EVPs. Using headphones that specialize in lower-frequencies (bass) will help. Never use noise-cancelling ones for audio listening, as those headphones can actually nullify EVPs.

Fremont Private Residence

While trying to ask about toys, there is a loud child's voice that can be heard. It's unclear exactly what is meant by it.

"Don't drain it."
The camcorder battery died and a clear response is heard regarding it.

The investigator is asking for the entity to wave its hand in front of the K2. The K2 lights up, and a response about it lighting up is heard. This is a different EVP tone/voice than captured in other ones at this location.

"I don't know."
Captured on a stationary recorder, after asking a question. There's a weird glitch at the end of the question, then a couple seconds after, a man responds.

A simple response to the investigator's question.

"No." "They're here."
This is captured clearly, and doesn't appear to be in response to what is being said. We believe there were multiple spirits at this location, and this could be one talking to another.

"F*ck that."
This seems like a vulgar response to a question about finding God. There are various interpretations of what is being said, but if the speed is slowed down, it sounds more clear.

Another response to a question about who else is there. First, the K2 hits, then there's an audible response.

After asking about furniture, there's a response that can be heard while the investigator starts talking again.

A response to asking if anyone else was there besides us. It could be a name, but not sure.

This sound was captured in the hallway where people have said they heard growling before. It was also capturd in the kitchen. Sounds like a Wookie, but is a growling sound common to some types of dogs.